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Kolokvium 2016

Global Public Health Issues

International colloquium for master and doctoral students

Academic and organisation committee:

Prof. Martin Rusnák, M.D., CSc.

Prof. Daniel J. West, JR., Ph. D., B.S., M.ED.

Prof. Viera Rusnáková, M.D., CSc. , MBA.

Assistant Prof. Steven J. Szydlowski, MBA, MHA, DHA

Dr. Kristína Grendová, Ph.D.

MAY 17TH, 2016


Slovak Republic


8 am

9 am Opening remarks - Marek Šmid, rector of Trnava University
Daniel West, professor at the University of Scranton
Martin Rusnák, professor at the Trnava University

9:30 am
Global Health Management Competencies: A Framework
West, D.J. & Szydlowski, S., Univ. Scranton

Quality of Health Care in Developing Countries – Case Study of Caribbean Countries Opens external link in new windowppt
Martin and Viera Rusnák, Univ. Trnava


Coffee Break

Students’s Presentations (15 min plus 15 min discussion)

Opportunities & Challenges to Improving Roma Health in Slovakia & Czech RepublicInitiates file downloadppt
Cascerceri, Julia E., Univ. Scranton

The influence of selected factors on the quality of life of mothers after birth.
Soňa Vančiková , Univ. Trnava

Obesity in Central & Eastern Europe. Initiates file downloadppt
Fabricatore, Sarah E., Univ. Scranton

The Issue of Excessive Creation of Food Waste. 
Katarína Žuborová, Univ. Trnava

Conducting Clinical Trials in Slovakia: Incentives & Opportunity for Western Corporations. Initiates file downloadppt
Widule, Adrea, Univ. Scranton


1 pm
Students’s Presentations cntd. (15 min plus 15 min discussion)

Guidelines used in the management of paediatric patients with urinary tract infections in University hospital Trnava. Initiates file downloadppt
Katarína Dudáková, Kristína Grendová , Univ. Trnava

Cardiovascular & Coronary Heart Disease in Europe & Slovakia.
Friedrich, Edward K., Univ. Scranton

Road traffic injury mortality rate in the Slovak Republic in 1996 – 2012. Initiates file downloadppt
Dominika Plančíková, Marek Majdan, Univ. Trnava

Cervical Cancer Prevention in Slovakia, Czech Republic & Slovakia. Initiates file downloadppt
Patel, Shital, Univ. Scranton

Posture Assessment of Pupils of Younger School Age - Research Proposal. Initiates file downloadppt
Veronika Rechtoríková, Margaréta Kačmariková , Univ. Trnava

Mental Health Trends in the Slovak Republic, Hungry & Germany. Initiates file downloadppt
Sheehan, Daniel, Univ. Scranton

Evaluation of timeliness notification of communicable diseases after the workshops for primary care physicians. Initiates file downloadppt
Denisa Jakubcová , Viera Rusnáková, Univ. Trnava

Pharmaceutical Price Control in Slovakia, Poland & Austria. Initiates file downloadppt
Stack, Laura M., Univ. Scranton

Effects of legislative intervention on Sick Leave Days in Slovakia. Initiates file downloadppt
Lucia Blažinská, Martin Rusnák, Margaréta Kačmariková, Univ. Trnava

Global Health Management Competencies: A Framework for Effective Management Training. Initiates file downloadppt
Ramirez, Bernardo

Summary of the Colloquium and Next Steps. 
Daniel West and Martin Rusnák

4 pm




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